Carfagna’s Wine & Sprits

Wine for Every Taste and Budget

We love vino, it’s in our blood! So we want to be sure every customer has the opportunity to enjoy wine from their favorite wineries and try new selections. Over 1500 wine labels from vineyards around the world are represented in the Carfagna’s Wine Shop, so it may be a bit overwhelming for some. Our wine Folks are here as your guides to help you learn more about our wines, how to select wines that fit your taste and budget, and to help you experience the pleasure of pairing wine with Carfagna’s specialty food.

Raj Hora, Certified Specialist of Wine

Beverage Director

Raj really knows wine! If you are a wine connoisseur, you’ll love talking with Raj. And even better, Raj can help the rest of us try new things, understand what flavors we prefer and show us that wine offers unlimited possibilities for enjoyment. He knows the wine makers and distributors, and has brought some of the finest wines available to Carfagna’s Wine Shop.

And, if you would rather talk Scotch, he’s happy to go into details of a dram or two with you. Sláinte!

Dave Krouse

Wine/Spirits/Beer Specialist

Dave likes being a Carfagna’s guide to wine and food. With an extensive background working with wine distributors and with customers, his knowledge lets him help you select that perfect bottle or two for any dinner. Given that Dave loves cooking and values sharing dinners with friends and family, he is a wonderful guide to help you pair wine and food for every occasion.

Oh yeah… if you do like a great Rum, a nice Bourbon, a wonderful beer or a Cigar, you’ll definitely want to bend Dave’s ear!


Learn, Enjoy, Discover

Carfagna’s Wine Tasting Events are great, fun ways to expand your wine horizons!